Buzz Balm Body Butter 2000 MG*

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Our 2000mg CBD Body Butter for a High potency:

Our Buzz Balms are a topical body cream designed with the health of your skin in mind. We infuse CBD and other cannabinoids that are proprietorially blended with organic coconut oil, luscious natural body butter, tamanu oil, and other natural oils to penetrate deep down and give you potential relief.

  • All-natural ingredients with no added chemicals or preservatives. 
  • Therapeutic essential oils to give an enhanced indulgent aroma. 
  • Rubs in completely to leave a non-greasy feel. 
  • Comforting to the touch.
  • Designed for maximum soothing effects on dry, irritated, flaking, and itchy skin.
  • Rubs in completely to leave a non-greasy feel. 


  • Apply a dime-sized amount to the affected area and rub in until fully absorbed. 
  • Adjust amount until the desired effect is achieved.
  • Repeat daily to maintain healthy skin and offset your condition's symptoms. 

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