Relaxation & Sleep


Healthy Sleep Tincture (2000mg CBN/CBD)

We formulated our Sleep and Relaxation Buzz Drops with you in mind. A proprietary blend of CBD and CBN geared towards promoting healthy sleep without the use of melatonin or other ingredients that can offset the natural rhythm of sleep.

✔ 1ml before you want to drift to sleep, before a nap, before your bedtime routine, or if you have trouble sleeping through the night.

✔ 1ml anytime you wish to enhance a moment of relaxation.


Healthy Sleep Honey (1000mg CBN/CBD)

Research shows honey is packed with health benefits such as antioxidants, a modest reduction in blood pressure, improved cholesterol, digestive improvement, and more. Mix these with the power of CBN/CBD, and you have a perfect product to take with your evening herbal tea or beverage of choice




Did You know?

CBN and CBD are being used more and more to help with healthy sleep. Poor Sleep has been shown to be a major contributor to poor long-term health.

✔ While only 37% of people use CBD to help with sleep, Hemp-Derived CBD and CBN are rising stars in the world of relaxation.

✔ It's estimated that roughly 50 to 70 million Americans suffer from lack of sleep and wakefulness that hinders their long-term health

✔ Most people that suffer from problematic sleep do so because of anxiety and stress.

✔ No one amount works for everyone, which means you have to figure out the correct amount for your desired experience.